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  • Science background with molecule or atom, Abstract structure for Science or medical background, 3d illustration.

    Molecular & PCR Testing

    Recognized as one of the most important scientific advances of the 20th century,1┬ápolymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a quick, easy way to create unlimited copies of DNA from just one original strand. These millions of copies of a section of DNA are made in just a few hours with the […]

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  • microscope.

    Laboratory Diagnostic Testing

    Complete Blood Count This test, also known as a CBC, is the most common blood test performed. It measures the types and numbers of cells in the blood, including red and white blood cells and platelets. This test is used to determine general health status, screen for disorders and evaluate […]

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  • Covid 19 Testing

    Covid 19 Testing

    We are now offering free covid-19 testing at our Anaheim Facility. If you have coverage, such as insurance, medicaid, medical please provide us with that information as it will help with our processing. Uninsured patients will not be billed as the Cares Act will cover all non insured individuals.  

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